Pool Plant / Water Testing

These 3 water qualifications have been designed to deliverer technical knowledge and understanding to swimming pool operators. There is a legal obligation to the customers who wish to use the pools to be able to do so in a safe and hygienic environment.

Infections and diseases are on the rise through water transportation, by managing the risk of infection through regular water testing by trained users can reduce the risk of infection which can reduce the risk of sizeable claims.

Pool Plant Operations

After the Recommended 24 hours contact time, the candidate will be qualified in the “The Pool Plant Operations”. This qualification aims to enable candidates to manage and maintain swimming pools, spas  and interactive play features such as wave machines. After receiving the training necessary to reflect the most up-to-date requirements and standards for pool plant operation.

The qualification covers the following units:

  • The Health and Safety behind Pool Plant Regulations
  • Pollution and disease and how they can be controlled
  • Circulation and filtration and regular maintenance
  • The physical characteristics of a swimming pool and its hazards
  • Swimming pool ventilation and heating systems
  • pH, alkalinity and balance water readings, with corrective action
  • Understanding the different types of residual and non-residual disinfectants and their use in water treatment
  • Current industry best practice, guidance and recommendations
  • Developing an understanding of the environmental implications of operating and managing swimming pools, spas and associated plant
  • Energy and cost efficiency

Swimming Pool Water Treatment

The holder of The Swimming Pool Water Treatment qualification, will have the knowledge and understanding to be both competent and confident in the skills of water treatment for swimming pool water, to ensure that the water is safe and hygienic to reduce the risk of infection to its users.

During the 8 hours of the course the candidates will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding pollution sources and their control measure
  • Be able to describe the basic principles of pool water filtration and backwashing
  • Understanding the key features of a swimming pool circulation system
  • To be able to spot potential dangers and hazards associated with suction entrapment and entanglement
  • Understand the role and purpose of disinfectants in swimming pools
  • Understand the pH scale, its function and related water terminology
  • Understanding the basic principles of water testing, recording and interpretation leading to corrective action
  • Understanding the importance of COSHH

The Swimming Pool Water Testing Qualification

This course aims to provide the basic skills and information that are necessary to competent in the testing of  swimming pool and spa water, and to be able to provide an understanding of the outcomes of the results.

During this 4 Recommended Guided Learning Hour course candidates by the end of the course should have the knowledge to understand the following topics:

  • Water testing and its principles
  • How and where to complete chemical water testing and there correct measurements,
  • The correct use of a comparator and photometer
  • How to obtain and understand free chlorine, combined chlorine and pH readings of pool water and understanding the readings, and correct if necessary.
  • The importance of maintaining break point chlorination and pH balance
  • The effect of pH reading on disinfection